Monday, March 03, 2008

A Lot Of Nothing Going On.....

Well that's not exactly true. There have been things going on, but no knitting news worth speaking about. I'm still just hammering away at the green wrap. It's coming right along. I took it to Monroeville with me for the weekend and put a good many inches on it. I went shopping, DH went to the Golf Expo at the ExpoMart. I considered going to Bonnie's (?) LYS in Monroeville but I quickly talked myself out of that as I need NOTHING. I'm good for projects for about 3 years.

On the home front, Cate came home from Virginia and bought a new Jeep Commander over the weekend. She thinks she's all that and a bag of chips now. (just kidding Cate... you deserved it.)

Mr. C. locked his mother out of the house this morning and lots of hilarity ensued. Fortunately, he locked the glass storm door and just stood there (with a grin from ear to ear) where she could see him the whole time while she waited for the locksmith to come and rescue him (or her if you think about it). He threatened to shut the solid wood main door a few times but didn't. That would have been a problem. She said she had just come home from the supermarket and McDonalds, and was going out to get the last bag of groceries when he reached up and flipped the latch on the storm door. He had a Happy Meal in the kitchen and she said he made a few french fry runs in the interim but mostly just stayed at the door. Good thing baby # 2 has not arrived yet. Ahh.. the joys of parenthood. He's only 20 months old. The terrible 2's should be fun.


Anonymous said...

Now THAT is funny.