Saturday, February 19, 2005

100 Things About Me

1. My mother taught me to knit when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade.
2. I have always knitted off and on...mostly off...but now I am addicted.
3. I remember selling an earwarmer to my uncle for a quarter when I was little.
4. I remember my first skein of yarn... a pink, blue and white varigated acrylic.
5. I have been married for 28 years and have 3 grown children.
6. I have thin, fine hair that has driven me crazy my entire life.
7. I have lived in my hometown in central Pennsylvania for all but 4 years of my life.
8. One of my daughters can knit, the other one can't.
9. I wanted to be a speech pathologist. I am a real estate agent. I wish I was a landscape architect.
10. I do not enjoy shopping. Wine and yarn are exceptions.
11. I cannot listen to the soundtrack of Les Mis without crying. I had to take it out of my car.
12. I am a semi-yarn snob. I feel there is a time and place for acrylic yarn.
13. I mostly knit for other people, rarely for myself, but I'm going to change that soon.
14. I like to hold open houses on my listings. If no one shows up, it's quality knitting time.
15. I used to read every night before falling asleep. Now I can't because I FALL asleep as soon as I read one page. I miss reading.
16. I have a fascination with Ireland.
17. I am a yo yo dieter. Always gaining and losing.
18. I have two complete sets of clothing. Fat clothes and thin clothes. I have learned to keep everything.
19. I like my boss and my co-workers and I'm proud of the company I work for.
20. I used to make soap...cold process...the kind from scratch.
21. The only math I can do without a calculator is addition and subtraction. I have a math learning disability (self diagnosed of course)
22. I quit college because I was afraid of the math classes.
23. I know enough Spanish and French to get the gist of a conversation.
24. I hate everything about the fact that my husband smokes a pipe.
25. I have no desire to cruise to tropical islands but I'd love to tour Europe.
26. I have never had a speeding ticket.
27. I am overly emotional.
28. I love the smell of lavender.
29. I have never broken a bone.
30. I have an unfounded and completely irrational fear of snakes, spiders and bees.
31. I used to sew a lot. I don't have the time or space now and I miss it.
32. I would be happier living in an apartment or condo than I am in my big historic house.
33. I would like to quit work some day and babysit my grandchildren...if I ever have any.
34. I would like to drive an SUV. Any SUV would be fine.
35. I like expensive clothes. I wish I could afford them.
36. My first new car was a 1974 volkswagon beetle. I adored that thing.
37. My number one pet peeve is when people get into an empty church pew and sit on the end instead of moving to the middle. It's just plain rude.
38. I wear glasses to read.
39. I get emotional when sightseeing in Washington DC. Our nation's history moves me. (like I said, overly emotional)
40. I love New York City.
41. I hate noise in the morning. I wouldn't turn tv on if I lived alone.
42. I love sitting on the beach alone.
43. The wallpaper in my office is a bold stripe from floor to ceiling. It makes people dizzy (really). I didn't choose it and I can't imagine what they were thinking when they did.
44. I kill houseplants on a regular basis.
45. I believe I have ADD although I took an online test and the results said otherwise.
46. I will go out of my way to think of things to do instead of housework (actually, I'm doing that right now.)
47. I like to drive, even long distances.
48. I am afraid to fly and I am afraid of heights. So is my son.
49. I won a science fair project in 6th grade that involved white rats. When it was over, my parents told me they gave the rats to a farm and I believed them.
50. I have a 27 year old minolta camera that is huge and weighs a ton and I wouldn't trade it for any brand new camera on the market today.
51. I was not born on Christmas Day but thanks for asking.
52. I won't knit with chenille. I hate the feel of it.
53. I could eat pizza every day of my life and not get tired of it.
54. I will not eat blue cheese, dark mustard, or pickled eggs and beets. EVER.
55. I love learning about wine and trying different varieties... it's my only extravagance.
56. I wish I had more time and money to give to the Multiple Sclerosis Society.
57. There is a ski resort 10 miles from my house. I skiied once in 1973.
58. I am not athletic and prefer to be indoors.
59. I could camp for a week at Barnes and Noble Booksellers. I'd just need a place to hide.
60. When I get home from work in the winter, only near emergency situations will make me go back out. I hate to be cold.
61. I have never seen Niagara Falls even though it is only a 5 hour drive from my house.
62. I hate it when people ask my professional opinion, don't take my advice, and then blame me when things don't work out.
63. I love both coffee and
64. I was once addicted to Pepsi and could be again very easily if I allowed myself, which I won't.
65. I was happiest when my children were babies. Those were my best days.
66. I have the nasty habit of driving on empty all the time. It makes my husband insane when he gets in the car.
67. I regret buying an old Victorian home.... otherwise known as the "money pit".
68. All my life I thought that the summer camp my sister and I attended when we were children was in another state. Not long ago, I learned it was 15 miles from my house. It ceased to exist while we were still young.
69. I would like to learn to tat.... with a shuttle. I remember watching my grandmother do it.
70. I have not been on a train since I was 6 years old.
71. My friends are long time friends. I tend not to have "come and go" friends.
72. I like dark chocolate better than milk chocolate but give me either. Please.
73. I love the smell of watermelon... but I can't stand the taste and consistency.
74. I love yellow mustard on a hotdog but can't eat it on anything else.
75. I can eat raw onion on a hotdog but not on anything else....what is it about hotdogs?
76. I have a good friend who can manipulate anyone into doing anything. I never saw anything like it. I'm in awe of her. She should work for the CIA.
77. The worst job I ever had was as a customer service rep at a temporary employment agency. That's where I met my manipulative friend. We love to talk about what went on in that place. You can't make stuff like that up.
78. If I could afford it, I'd have several plastic surgeries.
79. I have a tiny tattoo of a sprig of holly. I like to think of it as identification.
80. My son has a large tattoo on his back. I hate it.
81. Blue is my favorite color but I prefer to wear black.
82. I wish I would have had one more child.
83. I have always liked my name and I am continually surprised that my parents chose it back when no one was named "Holly".
84. I'm a "Law and Order" TV show junkie.
85. I once had an employee tell me she was afraid of me at first. That stunned me. I never knew that a professional demeanor could translate into scary.
86. My mother has a gift for buying me gifts. They are usually perfect.
87. I have never lived alone. I went from my parents house to married. I would like to have had that experience at least briefly.
88. I think my friends would say I'm somewhat serious natured and introverted.
89. I have a great sense of humor but casual acquaintances normally would never know it.
90. I will not (cannot) sit through a violent movie.
91. I can't sleep without socks on, even in summer.
92. I love Clark's brand shoes and clogs.
93. Speaking of Clarks, I sold my nephew, Clark, a house on Clark Street. very funny.
94. I wish I had a lot more vacation days than I do.
95. If I was on death row, and they asked me what I wanted for my last meal, I'd say a 1/2 gallon of coffee flavored ice cream.
96. I'd rather go to the dentist than to an amusement park.
97. I have never enjoyed playing cards or board games. I didn't play them with my children when they were little. I have a little bit of guilt about that.
98. I consider my greatest accomplishment to date to be that I raised 3 children to be respectful and considerate of others.
99. Come to think of it, I might change the last meal on death row thing to a big bag of salt and vinegar potato chips. It's a toss up.
100. I hate drop-down boxes for entering the state you live in when entering your address to something online. Just let me type in the state like everything else for god's sake!!!!!!!


luvs2knit said...

Holly...I loved reading your 100 things. Very interesting. I need to do that. I guess I should start 1.) I'm a Jersey Girl.