Thursday, February 17, 2005

New socks on the needles. I'm making this pattern up as I go. You can't see from the photo but this yarn has little specs of color in it and it's very pretty. This yarn is now 1/2 price at my LYS. Who can pass that up? I will give these to my mother for her birthday on March 12th. She can show them to all her friends at dialysis. I thought when she had to go on permanent dialysis 3 days a week that she would start knitting or crocheting again to pass the time but she hasn't. I don't understand that. It would be the perfect pastime but she doesn't seem interested anymore. If anyone reading this has an aging parent who is scheduled for any testing involving dye, tell them to beware, and drink lots of fluids to flush the dye out of their system. My mother had two tests involving dye before a scheduled surgery and the dye permanently shut down her kidneys. Very sad... she was a vital healthy woman before that happened and now she is a frail little elderly lady. She had more energy and vitality than me before it happened. Ok, really off topic I know... but if it helps anyone, it will be worth it. I'm off to buy yarn for my sweater today. The yarn is my Valentine's gift from my husband. I love it when he ASKS me what I want! That used to bother me... not anymore since my yarn addiction kicked in! Posted by Hello


Tara said...

Hey, I see you're a blog newbie like me! Let me know if you have any questions about stuff since I'm kinda wading though the HTML craziness myself!

BTW, I really like the coronet hat! Where'd you find the pattern?