Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Coronet Hat

Well I completely flubbed up the coronet hat. I meant to take a photo and I forgot. I thought I was reading the instructions wrong so I re-wrote them in my head and proceded with what I thought was the way it should be. WRONG! So, anyhow, it will be a wearable hat but not what the pattern called for. I didn't realize that the cabled brim got turned up and would be a double layer around the ears... and, yes, I know the pattern says that. I just didn't get it the first time around!! The hat is certainly wearable but I would rather have the correct version of the hat so I think I'll donate this one to charity. Maybe The Dulaan Project (I'd link to that here but like I've said one hundred times... I Don't Know How!!!!!!!!!) I desperately need blogging lessons.