Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Such an interesting thing, friendship. When you think of your friends, you realize that your friends came into your life in so many different ways. Some were co-workers, some you have brought with you from childhood. Some friendships are formed as a result of having kids in the same school or dance class. I have a few very dear friends who were my kid's teachers. But no matter what, the people who you consider your true friends have earned that distinction in one way or another over time. If they have stood the test of time, they are worthy of being called good friends. You know who your friends are.

At least you think you do. I always thought I did.

When someone who you thought was a good friend does something that proves they weren't such a good friend, the disappointment that you feel is so incredibly intense that it's like someone just stabbed you in the heart. You can't imagine that your friends would use you. Not your good friends. I've had a friend use me before. But she wasn't such a good friend. I knew that going in. I wasn't so surprised. That one made me mad. Furious even. But this good friend thing that happened today makes me sad. Mad is bad. But sad is worse.

I guess when you can sit and think, I can't believe she did that me, I would have never, ever done that to her.. you know it's a friend worth losing.


LaurieG said...

I'm reminded of the line from Out of Africa when Karen finds out Denys doesn't speak to a man who never returned a book to him. Karen:"But surely you don't think a book is more important than a friendship?" Denys:"No, but he did." I understand how you feel.

minijaxter said...

its always upsetting when someone betrays you in some way.

especially when you think that person is a good friend.

Yvonne said...

Been down that road, and it is the worst, isn't it? Breaks your heart.