Monday, November 06, 2006


I'm still trying to figure out what made me think I'd have time to knit. No knitting was accomplished. They kept us busy and entertained. I feel like I packed an entire week into three days. I'd love to go back to this place in the summer. It's awesome.

I did finish one of the hunting socks yesterday at an open house. If you haven't tried the Kraemer Yarns 100% wool superwash worsted weight yet, check it out. These socks are going to be so warm and comfy. And washable! And knitting socks with worsted weight is really instant gratification. So speedy. Photo tomorrow... hopefully.

We did a whirlwind trip to Grove City and Butler on Saturday to visit Cate. Now that she's a working girl she doesn't get home much so we have to go to her. The outlets in Grove City were NUTS. Let the Christmas shopping season begin I guess. We had to drive around to find a parking space and there must be a gazillion of them. We did get a few good gifts though so it was worth the madness.

Tomorrow is knitting night. I'm looking forward to it. I haven't had any real quality knitting time in a while.