Wednesday, November 08, 2006

single socks...

I have two socks finished for Christmas. Not a pair mind you, just two socks. I guess I'm suffering from the single sock syndrome. This is the hunting sock made with Kraemer superwash worsted. I'm tempted to keep these for myself. I won't, but I might just make myself a pair with this yarn to keep my feet warm in my barn of a house. They feel awesome. Actually the second one is almost finished. They whip up fast as I said earlier. I'd like to make Colin a few pair with this yarn but I've never seen baby socks made from worsted weight. If anyone has seen a pattern, let me know.

Lousy, yucky weather here today. Good knitting weather. I should have stayed home. I think I feel a headache coming on.... Yeah, right.


minijaxter said...

you have to do some math but it should help.