Friday, June 22, 2007

Random Rambling

I have no knitting. I'm still staring at the kitchener project. Staring, not doing.

I have the bug to read lately and that's not good. I can't read and knit. I have so little free time it's one or the other. I've always wanted to read Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina so I purchased it yesterday at Barnes and Noble. I'm going to try to get into it before our beach trip in August so I have something to read at the beach. I think it's not a book to start at the beach, but one to be pretty well into before beachy distractions. I get it into my head that I want to read the classics and then when I start one of them I get so bored I have to quit. We'll see how this one goes.

I realized the other day that my saved "favorite places" on the computer are out of control and need weeded out. It takes me forever now to find what I'm looking for. When I see a knitting pattern online that I like I automatically put it into my favorite places. So I got rid of a lot of them yesterday. Here are a few that have to stay. These are definite "someday" patterns for me. Take a look:

Knitty: Spring 2007 - Dashing

Knitting - Free Knitting Pattern, Grace Wrap Sweater

Berroco® Free Pattern Michaela

Kidsknits' Free Patterns

Holly Hat

Knitting - Free Knitting Pattern, Allison Bolero Sweater

These have to stay. Truthfully, I've already printed most of them out. But I like keeping them here where I can see them to remind me for someday when the spirit moves.

Busy day.. busy weekend coming up... better run!


Heather said...

How do you feel about audio books? I find that is the only way I can get enough "reading" and crafting time together... I "read" while I drive, I "read" while I knit, I "read" while I sew, I even occasionally "read" while I clean...

I have, however, found that it is near impossible to "read" while you actually read as, much like physical objects cannot occupy the same place at the same time, my brain cannot process two of the same functions at the same time...