Thursday, June 14, 2007

Work and Play

As I was leaving for work this morning at 6:30am my DH informed me that he thought I was "out of control". He made me go to breakfast with him instead of to the office. I guess I do get a little out of control. But it's a busy business. If I'm not busy, someone else will be. And so it goes...

Of course all the talk around here these days is the U.S. Open. The people across from us at Eat N Park were on their way to the Open and the people behind us were talking about what time coverage starts on TV. And when I finally did get to the office everyone there was talking about it. Then the conversation turned to why don't I play golf if I find it so enjoyable to watch. Well I used to play golf. In a previous life. Now, one thing is certain... if you can't find the time to paint your nails, you're certainly not going to find the time to play a round of golf. But I do not miss it. Not one little bit. There is no frustration in WATCHING golf. There's a ton of frustration in PLAYING golf. And I have enough frustration thank you very much.

I stopped at my sister's last evening before dinner. What a day care center! Two nieces and one daughter there with a combined 4 toddlers aged 2 and under. One two year old and three little toddling things unsteady on their feet waddling around like little penquins. (and one Westie following them around waiting for them to drop food) I had white pants on. What was I thinking? They are now on my back seat waiting to be dropped off at the cleaners. It is SO much fun to see them all playing together. Even if they do have dirty hands!

Once again, no knitting news but I hope to have a Finished Object next week. Will it happen?
Stay tuned.


shell said...

I shall stay tuned to keep watching for Knitting! I got a few things done- but - ummm- housework is not happy about the finished objects.
I think we need to hire a maid to come to the guild members houses for us so we can knit--- what do you think?