Friday, June 29, 2007

It's been a while...

I know. I've been a bad blogger. That's because I've been a bad knitter! Who has time? But I did finish this:

Cate was supposed to model it for me but we haven't been able to catch up with each other long enough to get it done.
I finally got the kitchener stitch. It takes all of my concentration. I'll think I'll just continue doing my socks the way I always have... the wrong way!
So it's back to the pink lace- weight wrap again. When I have time. I sort of started to enjoy that process a little more the last time I worked on it, but I hated putting in the lifelines. The lifelines have saved me more than once though, so they are a necessary evil and must continue to be inserted. Maybe I could just do them every 16 rows instead of every 8 rows. With my luck, I'd screw up on the 15th row and want to kick myself! More on the pink thing later.


SJ said...

Beautiful! Glad that you managed to master kitchener stitch.

I especially love how the dog managed to sneak into that first shot, too!

shell said...

Way to go! It takes a bit to get the Kitchner- but don't give up! Maybe we should have a tutorial at next guild meeting?? This month it will be the 10th not 3rd, just so you have heads up!

Anonymous said...