Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I miss knitting!

I put one repeat on the pink lace shawl the other night and haven't touched anything since. I'm so tempted to start Kelly's scarf and hat with the manos del uruguay we bought in NYC. They will go quickly on big needles. But of course, if I do that, I'll let the pink thing sit just like I did before.

I want to start so many things. Fall is coming and I'd like to start a sweater for Colin too. He got a little boy haircut yesterday. His baby curls are gone. He looks a year older. I'm going to miss his curls.

Tonight is the big yarn sale at my LYS. I don't need yarn. I'm commited to busting my stash. But it won't hurt to go and LOOK, right?? And I do have the Mother's Day gift certificate. I miss all of my knitting friends. But work will settle down soon and I'll be back at it again. I have an easy day today in fact. Which is a mighty rare occasion these days.

Here is a photo of me and Colin taken last week (before his haircut)

And Colin after:


LaurieG said...

That first boy haircut. I always felt that was the defining line between 'baby' and 'boy'. It was hard (both times) for me to do.

shell said...

yeah!! You are knitting again! I missed seeing you last night at shop, Hope you have a great 4th! Boy is Colin growing up fast!

Yvonne said...

Colin is such a cutie!! We need to schedule a day to get together.