Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hump Day

This week is dragging. I just want it to be the weekend. My sinus infection is once again slowly gaining momentum. Obviously one antibiotic was not enough to kick it's butt. So I'm feeling lousy again. The good news is that I have an already-scheduled doctor appointment today for a check-up so I can address the issue while I'm there.

On to knitting...
One of my favorite blogs is Brooklyn Tweed. This guy can knit. And he knits fast. I wonder if he works. Probably. I must not have read that far back to see what it is he actually does besides knit. Anyhow, I found this pattern there this morning. I may have to make these soon just because I want to. They are adorable.

I don't know of any babies coming but I'll have them ready when they do.

Work is slowing down now. It always does the end of July and August. It will pick back up in September. I'm happy for the break. I found myself at home yesterday at 5:00pm and it was just plain weird! I put two more repeats on the pink lace stole and I have 5 to go to start the borders.


SJ said...

Thanks for the pattern link! There are a lot of babies on the way among friends, so I have a lot of itty-bitty knitting to do. These will be fast and use up leftover yarn!