Monday, July 23, 2007

My Love Affair with The Wrap

I have knitting on the brain all day long. I take time out from thinking about knitting to get some work done occasionally. Lately I've realized that all I really want to knit are wraps. Take this one for example:

A free pattern in PDF format from Kraemer Yarns.... done in their alpaca yarn.
I really want this wrap! And I have the yarn to make another Lady Eleanor which I also really want to start. And I've seen about 3 other wrap patterns that I love as well.
Instead, what I did start the other day was Colin's new sweater. After I got about 3 inches into the back I realized that it might fit me. What's with those British patterns? Are their size 3 toddlers like HUMONGOUS? Needless to say I ripped it out and am now in search of a different pattern since that was the smallest size.
Not to change the subject or anything but I went to the gym to work out this morning and there was this 75 year old woman walking on the treadmill beside me going about 10 times faster than I was at in incline that would have put me into cardiac arrest in about 30 seconds. What's up with that? What a show off! :-)


shell said...

I try not to look at all the projects I have on my list to do- just safer that way! I have way too much on my list of projects, at least I am not alone at the moment with my love of wraps and stoles.
As for the older woman, give yourself a few months. You will be the one faster than her- I know it.