Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What Happened To My 3's??

The bad news is that I decided to start Colin's new sweater when I really shouldn't have and the good news is that I couldn't find any # 3 needles to do it. So I was saved due to lack of equipment. What this means is that as long as I can resist going to buy new needles, I will continue to work on the pink lace shawl which is what I should be doing. Here is the sweater and yarn Kelly chose for him:

Should be very easy. I like easy. Easy works for me.

I finished the skinny scarf. Just need to weave in loose ends.
Cute yarn.


shell said...

Would it help if I offer to lend you my pair of size 3's?? (ducks and runs)
Missed you at Brunch today- hope to see you soon!