Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

What could be better than some red yarn today?

Check out the yummy stuff below.... you can buy this here... and I'd like to... but, alass, funds are low and it would be too much of indulgence for me. But can't you just picture a cute scarf for next Valentine's Day out of this stuff? That Natasha is one fiber artist extraordinaire. I love all of her stuff!

Or you could satisfy your hunger for red on Ebay. Below is a current offering for RED 100% Cashmere. That would work for me too.

There was knitting last night. With the help of a girl on Ravelry, I was able to proceed with Colin's sweater sleeves. Her suggestion was something I should have thought of myself, so simple it's too embarrassing even to relate, but like I've said 100 times before, that's how my mind works (or, um, doesn't work). I have a real thing for numbers. They hate me, I hate them.

Unfortunately it's a trait I have passed down. But back to the sweater... the sleeve instructions are so wrong in that pattern. Doesn't anybody ever proof read? It's very frustrating. You would do well to steer clear of this book:

Just sayin...


Yvonne said...

I'm so glad you found help on Ravelry!! I love Ravelry just for that reason. I still can't believe the designer never wrote you back. Especially since you PAID for the design, etc.

shell said...

OH good - I am glad you are getting there with his sweater.
I agree - red yarn on valentines day is wonderful! Hope you had a great day!

natasha said...

aw, you are so sweet! i thought that yarn would get snapped up for valentine's day. whatevah! and it stripes, too!

i love the mini-steeler. so cute.