Monday, February 04, 2008

Weekend Chalet Knitting at Blue Knob

My chalet knitting resulted in a Koigu sock. The second one is moving right along too.

Blogger doesn't want to cooperate today so most of my photos won't load. But here is Kelly, Marsha, and my sister in the background knitting away. Kelly learned some lace stitches and decreases so I think she actually accomplished more than anyone. She is making the baby bolero from the One Skein book. It's looking great.

Here we are early morning yesterday with sleep still in our eyes I think. You have to love these no makeup photos.

Lots of knitting was accomplished and many calories were consumed. Oh well, you have to have to have fun every now and then. But back to the diet today!


shell said...

How very cool - I am envious - I spent the weekend clearing ice.
Hope to see you Tomorrow night - Panera's!!

LaurieG said...

You made my day! Check out my blog post today for details