Friday, March 04, 2005

Another "no knitting" Night

So last night was shopping. I hate to shop. What I really hate is WalMart but I had to do it. There was no escaping it.... even though I tried. I always march up and down the yarn aisle when I'm at WalMart hoping to reward myself for the brutal reality of having to be there, but of course there is never anything on the shelf worth putting in the cart. When I got home I stared at my knitting for a little while but never picked it up.... too exhausted from the trauma that IS WalMart. But, let's face it.. it IS one stop shopping. While I hate it, I'd hate going 3 different places even more.

Cate is coming home tonight for Spring Break. We're going to strip wallpaper. I know that's exactly what she wanted to do instead of go to Cancun. Oh well, hopefully someday she'll really appreciate what other people take for granted.

I've been reading so many knitting blogs and I love the "100 things about me" posts. Funny thing... this morning I read two of them that said the author is "afraid of clowns". I have a friend who is afraid of clowns. I didn't realize it was such a "thing". I also find it interesting that many knitters learned around 1st to 3rd grade... gave it up totally shortly thereafter, and then went back to it in adulthood in a major way. (like me) The ones that really astound me are the ones that say they just started knitting last year and have photos of finished projects that I can only dream of completing. I think understanding complicated knitting patterns draws on some of the same brain power that doing math requires. I think you have to have the ability to think "spacially" and "numerically" to grasp the concept of reading and understanding the patterns. It's difficult for me. The people that design really blow my mind! Oh well, we all have our strengths and weaknesses. Right?


Anonymous said...

I'll be doing lots of wallpaper stripping soon, painting too, so I feel for you.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Here's the pattern for the "Easy Bunny"

It was fun to knit, and easy.