Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Sophie Bag

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Here is the start of my sophie bag. (free pattern - It's Cascade 220 and I started it last night at our monthly knitting group and then couldn't stop when I went home. I really had trouble putting it down to go to bed. It's a fun project. I just wish that I could put the lining in it myself when it's finished but I know I'll have to find someone to do it for me. My sewing days are long gone. And since I didn't buy ENOUGH yarn earlier in the day, I had to purchase THIS last night at our group:

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It's beautiful wool, and my first purchase from a local spinner. She brought her yarns to group last night and I wanted all of it...of course! This will be the next Coronet Hat. (free pattern - And this time I will FOLLOW the directions and not make them up as I go along! Yes, there is a reason I don't design. :-)

And lest we forget to mention the progress on the sweater:

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I'm ready for the decreases on the front...finally. I saw my oldest eyeing this up over the weekend... so, let me repeat....IT'S FOR ME!!!. Oh, speaking of my kids... hey kids... notice how my digital camera suck? Hint Hint. Great Christmas idea, huh?