Monday, March 21, 2005

A Banner Day!

I was reading all my blogs this afternoon when what did I come across????? This is very exciting folks.... I came across a link to my blog in another blog! Hurray! I feel so official! Now, it was only the name of my blog and not my button so that will be the next step. (hey, as Michael would say, "it's a start".) When I see that little Westie on another blog that will really make my day!! So, c'mon, steal that thing people!! Go ahead... MAKE MY DAY.

I'm feeling under the weather the last few days...terrible head cold.... the kind where it feels like your freaking head is going to blow off. The kind where you don't even feel like knitting ...I know, hard to believe. But I've been lucky this winter. This is the first malady of any type.