Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A few rows....

That's all I've managed lately. I put a few rows on a pair of socks at an open house. I felt good about sock knitting. I think I could definitely get back into that. But then I'd feel guilty because the baby bubby is still just sitting there. I figure I have one or two good weeks to get that finished and I can't talk myself into picking it up.

Anyhow, Mr. C will soon be two. The party was held early in the event his mom winds up in the hospital. She feared he wouldn't get his party. He got it and he liked it. Especially the cake.
The terrible 2's. Let the fun begin.


shell said...

Wow - he is 2 already? Goodness time has flown!
Keep knitting the socks - that knitting mojo will be back in no time!
Don't forget next Tues is Guild meeting at Panera!