Tuesday, April 08, 2008

So Much For Secrets

Posting has been light due to the fact that everything I'm doing right now is a secret... or WAS a secret. This is Clare's blanket. (or "bubby" as Mr. C. refers to them) It was exactly where it was supposed to be hiding in my knitting bag. As it would happen, very pregnant daughter strolls into the house, walks over to the chair, and proceeds to snoop in the knitting bag. Before SHE started knitting, she would have never even dreamed of looking in that bag. So the cat (or the baby gift) is out of the bag.
This entrelac pattern can be found at www.magknits.com. I was going to link to it for you, but their website appears to be down at the current time. The yarn is Art Yarns Supermerino (color sm127) which is machine washable. It's turning out great.
And there is still one more surprise that she hasn't found yet.


SJ said...

Be glad you printed out the pattern -- they've posted a letter to the site that says they're shutting it down altogether!

Rose said...

Clare's blanket is beautiful. I'm sure your daughter was surprised, just not at the right time...oh well, means another surprise project, huh?! I can't wait for my granddaughter's arrival in June either. Happy Knitting!