Thursday, April 26, 2007

Corky People

These were fun to knit, and quick! The one on the right was knit on size 2 DP's. As you can see, he has a little too much "skin" showing. The one on the left is better, done on size 3's. Now that I have it figured out, all I need is a new black sharpie to do the eyes and nose with. All I had was a big magic marker and that didn't work out so great. These will be cute to add to Christmas packages. I think I had both of these done in less than an hour.
I think my next project is going to be a felted purse using yarn from the stash, and then back to the lace wrap.
Dentist today.... I'd rather take a beating.


SJ said...

So cute! I have a bunch of corks sitting around. I was saving them to make a corkboard, but maybe I should use some of them to make these and put them in the long-term planning box for next Christmas.