Sunday, April 01, 2007

Fun in New York

It was beautiful in New York this weekend. Mild temperatures

except for last night when it got cold and we weren't prepared.

Had to shop to get warm:

Gap had these and we both liked them so we both

ended up with one. She put her coat over hers so we

didn't look ridiculous. We had theatre tickets so we

didn't want to go the whole way back to the Village

to get our coats and then go back to mid-town.

Kelly and Catie at Chelsea Market

Our big purchase at Purl... six skeins of Manos del Uruguay

Here we are at Purl. I got to use my gift certificate

that Erin got me for my birthday. Finally! I could

have used it online, but I was really hoping to get there

in person.
And, finally, here's Cate trying to look all New York. (at FAO Schwartz)
She cracks me up.