Thursday, April 12, 2007


Who's going? I am going to Maryland Sheep and Wool and I have talked my sister into going with me. I'm not sure what day we are going due to Colin's birthday. I know the big 1 year bash will take place that weekend but I'm not sure what day. I'm excited to go, but I don't need yarn. I REALLY don't need yarn. In fact I'm considering de-stashing on E-bay. Too much yarn = too much guilt. I have yarn for long forgotten projects.... projects that I know will never be. You wonder how you go from such anticipation for a certain project to absolutely no intention of ever doing it. The problem is that other projects butt in. Babies get born and any thoughts of the felted purse are long forgotten. There are booties and hats to knit. Then you eye that summer cotton top that you HAVE to make and the big easy chunky wool sweater that was next on the list takes a back seat.

Then, to make matters worse, you have your sale yarn. Yarn that was purchased with absolutely no project in mind but, of course, you had to buy it because you couldn't pass it up at that price, and you really liked the last project you made out of that yarn. So it sits in the box...for years. It's gotta go. Maybe I should have a yarn sale on my blog. I've seen people do that. I don't know. Maybe I should keep it. What's a knitter to do???


LaurieG said...

Steven (our resident knitting clown -- recently featured on Yarn Harlot's page) is working with the Salvation Army to make blankets for displaced people. Just a thought -- they'll accept anything that's machine washable. He attends my knitting group, so if you send to me I'll see he gets it.

Yvonne said...

Nora ( destashes on her blog and does well...! But I totally understand what you mean.

Carol said...


I'm going to Maryland Sheep and Wool also! Are you staying overnight? I'm leaving in the wee hours of Saturday, since from Pittsburgh it should take about four hours. I'm staying overnight at the Columbia MD Sheraton and coming home on Sunday. Maybe I'll see you there!!