Monday, April 30, 2007

Weekend Knitting

It was bad karma for knitting this weekend. I only got it out last night because I had Colin all day Saturday and Sunday morning. But I should have never gotten it out at all. However, the lace shawl disaster did teach me a lesson. Keep a few of your lifelines in. Not just the last one. Thank GOODNESS I had more than one in because I screwed up, ripped down to the lifeline, and it still wasn't right. When I ripped down to the second lifeline, it turned out ok. I'm not sure what I did wrong. Nothing was working. I ended up ripping out two repeats. I think I was too tired to knit. Lesson learned.

I was fooling around on the computer last week and took this test:

Online test based on Jung - Myers-Briggs typology

The results are so scary accurate that I still can't believe it. Reading the profile made me see myself as others see me and it has really made me think. It is not how I see myself, but I can see that it would be how I am perceived by others. I'm an ISTJ in case anyone is interested!

And on a totally unrelated topic, I'm declaring this the summer of the sunflower. Plant sunflowers. You just have to smile when you see a gigantic sunflower. Right?


LaurieG said...

I'm an INTJ -- thanks for posting what you are, we INTJs like to be able to categorize people, it would have driven me nuts if I didn't know!! And funny about the sunflowers, I was thinking of planting some in my front flower bed this year.