Monday, April 23, 2007

Little Projects

This is Wendy Bernard's Dream Swatch pattern.

I don't ever wear stuff in my hair but I thought this looked like a fun
pattern. I wanted to use this left over yarn and it's too girlie for socks
for Colin. I don't know what I'll do with it, but it's cute.

I think I'll do a few other little projects like this before

digging back into the lace wrap. I want to try the

se little

guys out:

Elliphantom Knits: Finished: Korknisse Ornaments

So now Blooger has reverted to double spacing out of

the blue and I don't know how to fix it. Why?? Why??

I've never seen a program with such a mind of it's own like

this one has.

I visited with my stash last night to see what I could sell on Ebay. The answer is nothing. I love everything I bought. I think the answer is to STOP buying new yarn and use the old yarn. I have enough sock yarn for 7 pairs of adult socks and enough other yarn to knit at least 5 or 6 sweaters. (Notice how Blogger has now decided to single space..... ugh) The bottom line is.. I'm keeping all of it!

My Noro from Kathy's Kreations came on Friday. Thank you to my sister for that. My birthday gift cert. Now I can make another Lady Eleanor for MOI. It is shades of blacks, grays and tan. It will look great with my camel dress coat. I loved that pattern. I just wish I could start it now but I know if I do, the lace wrap will be history. Oh, and let's not forget Meghan's half finished sweater. I have a bad, bad feeling about that one. Unless I die and come back with a head for math, that one probably isn't happening.

Note to Carol: I lost your email and link... as for MS&W, we're not staying. We are going on Sunday and coming home the same day. Colin's 1st birthday party is Saturday! Maybe I SHOULD wear the Dream Swatch in my hair for indentification purposes! Say hello if you see me! Anyone else out there I should be looking for????


SJ said...

I've had similar issues with Blogger and spacing; I think it has something to do with uploading the pictures and mixing them with text. One thing to try (it works most of the time for me) is to use a soft return -- hold down the shift key while hitting return -- when starting a new line. For some reason, I've discovered that when you put photos into the mix, Blogger likes to make a hard return (just hitting the return key) into a double space.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'll recognize you since you post your pics on your blog. That is you, right, lol? If I see ya, I'll be sure to say hi, unless I'm a gibbering idiot by Sunday.

LaurieG said...

I'll be at MD -- I'll try to keep an eye out, but you'll probably spot me first. So if I don't see you, I'll know that's why! :D

Anonymous said...

That colorway would look amazing with Cate's dark hair!!