Monday, November 07, 2005

Blah.... Monday

I worked all weekend so it wasn't much of a weekend. I did manage to get the pieces of Trellis completed. My love affair with this project is officially over. The shoulder seams were to be grafted together. Well, that didn't happen. No matter what I did it looked terrible so I decided to bind off and sew the shoulders together. I'm sure now that I'll have trouble setting the sleeves in because the sewn seam will take up sleeve space. Oh well, I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.
My patterns from arrived. I like all of them but I can see that I won't be able to use my Irish yarn with them. I don't think the gauge is right for any of them. So, Rogue could still be in the running for that yarn. (how can so many Irish Aran sweaters NOT call for aran weight yarn??)

I also made good progress last night on the cashmere misty garden scarf for my mother. I like how that is turning out. It's a fun, quick pattern to work too. I highly recommend it for quick Christmas knitting. (Misty Garden Scarf from Scarf Style) I'd definitely use a hand painted yarn for that pattern the next time. Come to think of it, the yarn that my Pittsburgh Secret Pal sent me would be fabulous for that scarf. Hmmmn......

I'm dying to start Kepler with my orange yarn. I don't know how long I can hold off. Surely it wouldn't hurt to swatch for gauge tonight???


LaurieG said...

Why not design your own Aran? It's fun and not really that hard. But barring that, how about some of Elsbeth Lavold's patterns? IIRC several in _Viking Patterns for Knitting_ use Aran weight.