Tuesday, November 08, 2005

You Knit What??

I SO love that blog... You Knit What?? It's hysterical. And I have to agree with almost everything they choose as being ridiculous. But I have to take exception to their view on this hat. I think this hat is adorable. I'd knit this for my little niece. She's 3. It's cute. What's wrong with this hat? Maybe I should be asking what's wrong with me instead. ? I noticed that they also have Debbie Bliss's Marilyn sweater on there. I liked that sweater too. Until I searched blogs to see if anyone made it and they were all UGLY.... didn't even look like the same sweater.

I did swatch the orange handspun last night for Kepler. It turned out a tad small. So, I'm thinking, since every other fitted sweater I ever knit myself turned out big enough to fit 4 people in it with me, with those swatches totally on gauge, maybe I should just go for it. I can always give it to Cate if it turns out too small.

I totally have "startitis" to begin a new big project. I'm just going to have to give in to it when I get the cashmere scarf finished. Why torture myself? I can still work on the Christmas knitting too. I have visions of myself knitting at 3:30 in the morning on Christmas Day trying to get it all done.

My friends are putting together a NYC bus trip for the first week of December... now that will be some major quality knitting time on that bus. I can kick butt on that trip. And maybe find these places that I've been dying to visit.

Margaret Nicole New York, clutch bags

Yarn, Knitting Patterns and Supplies - The Yarn Co.


My friends will be pulling their hair out. They don't knit. They don't get it.

Hey, we should get a knitter's bus trip to New York together. Check this site out:

Google Local - yarn and loc: New York, NY

Oh, man. We could have a ball. (Well, actually lots of balls.) Ha Ha.