Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The good news... and the bad news

The hat is finished... at long last. That's the good news.

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The bad news is that it will never fit my nephew... after all this. I couldn't have made a normal hat. No, I had to go for the gusto. It fits me... barely. It comes down to my ear lobes. I'm not sure it would even get to his ears. I will make him another hat I guess. I have enough yarn but it is not going to be this hat. Nope. Not again. I swear I could have had a sweater done in the time it took me to knit this hat. Isn't it interesting that the red side looks smaller than the blue side? I think the red side definitely knit up smaller. That would mean that I purl tighter than I knit because all the red stitches are purl stitches. Weird. Very weird. I have to say that while I didn't enjoy knitting this hat, the pattern is ingenious. Very impressive ... whomever came up with this technique. I admire people who's minds work that way. The pattern can be found on the Blue Blog if anyone is interested. Anyone with a lot of patience.

And, on a sad note, totally unrelated to knitting, I am saying goodbye this week to a dear, dear, old friend. This old friend has seen me through weddings, babies, baptisms, graduations, football games, basketball games, plays, etc. Farewell old Minolta....

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I bought this camera in 1977.... the year we were married. I saw it in a Spiegel Cataglog with all the different lenses and gadgets and I had to have it. I opened a Spiegel charge account to get it.
I thought my husband was going to divorce me after about 3 weeks of marriage over it. We really couldn't afford it. But in the last 28 years, this camera has so beautifully documented the history of "us" that it has paid for itself a thousand times over. I have had it repaired 4 times. The last time I took it they politely told me that they pretty much didn't want to see me back there with it again. They don't make parts for it anymore and the cost to fix it is unreasonable. And they really didn't understand why anyone would pay to have such a dinosaur fixed when so many great new cameras are available. But how do you really trust a new camera when you've had total perfection? I'm sad. I'm sad to see it go. Say what you want about digital... I have yet to see the quality in a print that you get with one of these cameras... no matter how expensive the digital is. I have a grandchild coming... what a time for this thing to die. :-(


natasha said...

i completely agree that a slr takes magnificent picures. awesome. they are expensive, but they are making a hybrid slr/digital camera now. it is what pro photographers use these days. if you can afford it, it may be worth looking into. they have them at best buy and places like that. i want one badly.

Cheryl said...

Oh my gosh, I got married in 1978 and the Spiegel catalog was like a MUST HAVE in the house. They had everything you ever needed and they brought it right to your door!!!! It is hysterical to think about that!