Thursday, December 01, 2005

This and that....

I finished a little project that will remain nameless and photoless (?) until after Christmas due to beautiful bright blue prying eyes. So, I have no knitting to show you. But I did buy this yesterday:

There are some cute things in here. It is obviously a collaboration of Better Homes and Gardens magazine with Lion Brand yarns because most of the patterns call for that yarn. Projects of interest to me in here are a toddler's hat and mittens (very cute made with bright colors of Lion Brand Homespun), a big felted bag that called for Lion Brand Landscapes, and a really cute child's rainbow cardigan that calls for Lion Brand Jiffy Thick and Quick yarn. There is also a man's aran sweater that calls for really bulky yarn that I like. I would knit it in a small for me.... my husband would never wear anything that heavy.

Also, there are some cute baby things knit in chenille. I can't stand the feel of chenille so I would never go there but they are cute.

The real reason I did purchase the magazine, however, was for the felted bag pattern. It looked like it would be a great diaper bag for my daughter. But, it calls for 13 skeins of Lion Brand Landscapes yarn and I think a $90.00 diaper bag is out of the question. If I'm spending that kind of money on the baby it's going to be for something more important than yarn! And, come to think of it, how does a 50% wool/50% acrylic yarn felt anyhow? Probably not very well. It really is nice though.