Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Back to business.....

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. We did. I'm completely exhausted so I guess that's a sign that it was good. I don't know.... but I feel like I need a vacation! I was glad to get back to work! Eating and drinking and socializing must be hard work.

I finished a sock yesterday. I'm not crazy about the pattern but it feels great. I started this sock on the spur of the moment instead of really thinking about a better pattern. It's ok. Just ok.

Here is Catie's Erin Bag. I couldn't show it before because I didn't want her to know I made it and she does read the blog. It turned out really cute and I love the oval handles. (from the rip off company, of course) She really liked it. My older daughter went nuts over the charcoal gray felted bag too. She was surprised. She thought I had forgotten all about it.

My kids are so great. They knew I was really depressed about the demise of our big Minolta 35 mm camera so, for Christmas, they got us this:

It's a new version of the same camera. It's lighter, it's all automatic (unless you want it to be manual) and it's really easy to use. Having said all that, I just couldn't believe that the picture quality would be as good as my old camera which was perfection. I was wrong. I had the first film developed yesterday and they are every bit as good as the old camera's photos. So Mom is a happy camper once again. With a new grandchild coming, you have to have a good camera!

And, lastly, my sister spoiled me a little too. Well, ok, a LOT. I have just two words to say about this:

So, yeah, uh huh, it was a good Christmas. :-)


luvs2knit said...

LV!!! Yeah. Good for you and what a nice sister you have.

Heather said...

Sounds like it was a very merry Christmas!!

At first I read the sock line as "I started a sock yesterday" and I was going to freak out about how fast you knitted it!!! Looks good though!