Thursday, December 15, 2005

Quick Fix for Cold Feet

Ok, ok, I know. It's not real attractive. It would definitely be better if I could have found a NEW tube sock but I grabbed what I could find on my way out the door (and it IS clean). I may have mentioned that my office is built on a slab and my feet get cold to the point of having my toes go numb. I must have poor circulation because no one else seems to be complaining. Anyhow, I read online that you can make footwarmers with whole rice and a tube sock. Just fill up the sock with rice, tie the end, and pop it in the microwave for a minute. You can't believe how well this works. I did it and the thing stays toasty warm for over an hour. I feel like my feet are resting on hot sand at the beach. It's wonderful! So have one ready for when you come in from shoveling this evening folks!

tip: if you have a plastic cup, cut the bottom out of it and place the cup IN the neck of the sock. That way the rice pours in very easily. And, yes, I came up with that myself thank you very much. :-)


Donna said...

A home made bed buddy! I bought a bed buddy at the store. It is almost the same as what you made. Mine has grain or something in it. I can not live without my bed buddy. I used my one so much I had to buy a new one cause the grain was falling out. LOL! I have a bad back and it does wonders for that. Plus anytime I am cold, I just heat it up and lay it on me or lay on it. Wonderful for feet too!