Monday, December 05, 2005

New Knitty

The new winter edition is up today. Hmmmn.....

I love the entrelac it, love it, love it.

But there isn't too much else there that excites me. There are some nice things , and cute things, but probably nothing I feel like I have to knit. The little cat featured on the homepage is adorable.

It was fun to see all the scarves people were wearing in NYC over the weekend. Thousands of scarves! Thousands of people... we almost got crushed in front of SAKS 5th Ave. and I'm not kidding. Pedestrian traffic came to a total standstill because people were stopped to look at the window displays and take photos. They have the area right in front of the windows roped off for people to get in line and SEE the windows, however, people decided not to wait in line and do it outside the ropes thus creating a total pedestrian "traffic" jam which got seriously out of hand. People were pushing and shoving and getting angry. It was so tight that you couldn't move your arm up to scratch your nose if you had to. There was nowhere to go and no way to get out of it. Fortunately, we were right near the roped off area so we crawled under the rope to escape the crowd. The people who had stood in line in the roped off area just glared at us ... if looks could kill we'd be dead! They didn't understand we were line jumping for our lives! Later I noticed the police had come to keep people moving. If I had been caught in the middle of that with a child I'd have really panicked. Here is a photo of SAKS.... from across the street:

They have snowflakes for their Christmas decoration.

This is us in Central Park... notice my Godiva Chocolate shopping bag. Do I have my priorities straight or what???


luvs2knit said...

I feel the same way regards to the Nothing stuck out for me.

Anonymous said...

Good priorities!

Understood about the seasonal food feast... it's starting at work, the vendor gifts of chocolates and nuts, etc., etc., etc... ACK!

Looks like a fun trip was had -minus the crowds!