Thursday, December 01, 2005

Alpaca Scarf

I was looking in my bin of FO's last night wondering what to give to who for Christmas when I came across the alpaca scarf that was originally intended for my son-in-law. (see it in my September archives) I don't know what to do with it. That is the itchiest thing that I've ever put next to my skin. And if I wouldn't wear it then I'm certainly not gifting it. I guess it would be a good accessory with a black coat as long as you didn't try to actually use it to keep your neck warm. I have to say that is the most disappointing FO that I made this year. And everything you read about Alpacas on the various websites says, "Softer and not itchy like wool". Softer, yes, but heck, give me wool around my neck any day! I'm just wondering if that is normal for Alpaca or did I get a weird batch?


natasha said...

i think baby alpaca is really soft, or suri alpaca. i think regular alpaca may not be. it sucks though how a yarn may feel soft, but the knitted fabric won't. i actually have some baby alpaca fiber, maybe i will send you some spun up for your final package and you can see what you think. it has a low micron count, which means it is very fine, but it is personal taste. the main thing about alpaca is that it is one of the warmest fibers, sometimes to the point of being uncomfortable. also, it has no lanolin in it, so normally people allergic to wool can wear it. could you make the scarf into a bag or something else? or you could donate to project bundle could line it with flannel or something else soft? that could be cool for the son in law.