Tuesday, December 20, 2005

On the knitting front...

I got nuttin honey. Nada. I did work on the brown socks last night but that's kind of boring. I decided to forge ahead with them even though they are probably going to be big, droopy, brown yarn boats.

I'm using my little rice foot warmer today in the office. This floor is so darn cold. This thing works like a charm. A charm I tell ya. I might make a few of these for home. They're great to have on hand. (or feet...ha ha)

I definitely have the yarn bug again. Only 12 more days until the LYS New Years Day sale. I want to get the bulky yarn for my daughter' s sweater and some new sock yarn. I want to try Grumperina's Jaywalker Socks. I still need some pink yarn for the baby sweater too. I need to get cracking on that! I decided not to use the pastel Opal sock yarn for the baby sweater. I think it would be adorable but not "sturdy" enough. I think I want to knit a more substantial sweater for this climate. The one pattern that I found that I love starts out in a 2T size and that's too big. So I'll keep looking. I'm thinking Aran. You know how I get.

Ok.. enough of the boring chit chat. Back to real life....