Thursday, December 15, 2005

Winter Interweave Knits

I love this issue. I believe this is the first issue of this I've purchased in a year. While there are still a few items of "fug" for sure (that skirt??? could it be any uglier?), I do like most of the patterns. Especially these:

I really didn't need to add new obsessions to already existing obsessions, but I'll be thinking about these patterns for a while.

Oh, and if that green skirt doesn't end up here.....You Knit What??..... I'm going to be disappointed.

We had our family cookie exchange party last night. I opted out of the cookie part of it a few years ago (way too much stress) but I still go to the party. I had on my old winter jacket (I usually always wear a dress coat because I normally always go everywhere from work) and a terrible scarf that I just threw on because it matches my old jacket. Anyhow, the scarf is a plain garter stitch scarf knit out of two strands of cascade 220 held together without fringe that came into being because I was stash busting last year and just wanted to use it up. To make a long story short, people went nuts over that plain, stupid scarf. I left there with all kinds of relatives begging me for knitting lessons.... including my nephew! I can't imagine what might have happened if I had actually worn a NICE scarf!


SJ said...

It's always amazing what non-knitters are impressed with. Makes me feel silly trying to knit a fancy and/or complicated piece for a non-knitter, because they probably won't know the difference anway!