Monday, November 14, 2005

Clark's Scarf

I decided to go with the K2P2 ribbing. My only hope is that it will block out wider. Maybe I should try to block it really wide in the hope that it will at least block out somewhat wider. I know that ribbing just wants to go back to it's original state. If anyone has any helpful hints, I'm all ears (or eyes as the case may be). I usually just pin dry knitting between two damp towels but I think that I will soak this scarf and then pin it out. I thought that this knitting would bore me to tears but in truth, after Trellis, the mindless knitting is sort of a welcome change. I've been enjoying it.

I have a pair of socks to finish and two little purses to make for Christmas. Then I definitely will start Kepler and finish Clapotis 3.

I'm starting to have trouble sleeping again. This happens every holiday season. It just stresses me out so much. I really go through the Scrooge stage for a while before I finally settle down and start enjoying it at the end. My mother always had it so together for the holidays. I don't know how she did it... and believe me, she did more than I do. I miss her being healthy. She enjoyed shopping and cooking and baking and now everything is a struggle for her. But after all she's been through, we're just lucky she's still here!