Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Another Day in the Freezer

It's c c c c cold!!!! I got lots of the front of the baby's sweater done last night. What else are you going to do in weather like this? I scrapped the idea of the Debbie Bliss cable sweater. In reality, I didn't like the sleeves and I didn't like the bottom edge... AND, I found a photo of it someone had done on a blog this morning, and, I'm sorry, it looked TERRIBLE. So, I'm back to looking for another pattern to knit myself (yes, myself) a sweater with chunky yarn. I think that Debbie Bliss pattern was called "simply marilyn" or something like that. There was something romantic about it but, hey, I'm over it now. And, that yarn it called for is EXPENSIVE. So, adios to that!
Still trying to figure out how to edit this blog. I don't get it. I may never get it. I have my "100 things about me" just dying to get in here. I'm amazed that so many people have mastered this whole website thing on their own. Oh well, I know how to sell real estate, and at the end of the day, I guess that's the important thing.