Monday, January 17, 2005


Why do most of the knitting bloggers have cats? Have you ever noticed that? Someone should do a study. Are cats attracted to knitters or are knitters attracted to cats? And, they not only HAVE cats, they love to talk about their cats. And photograph their cats. I, for one, do not own a cat. I like cats. But, I like my son too and if I had a cat, he'd have to move out because he's highly allergic. If he doesn't get a decent job soon I might get a cat. So, about knitting.... well I got the sleeves finished on Benny's sweater and I'm now in the middle of the front. It won't be long until it is finished and I can move on to bigger things. I found a Debbie Bliss pattern ... a cable sweater.. that I'd like to do for myself. I'm not crazy about the lack of ribbing on the bottom though. It's just a rough edge. But I love the sweater. Oh, who am I kidding? I never knit for myself. I should see a therapist about it. I actually feel guilty when I knit for myself! There are so many more deserving people out there! Yep, time for therapy. It's very cold here in Central PA today.
12 degrees as I sit here typing... and we had our first real snow fall of the year yesterday which is absolutely amazing. Normally we'd have had a ton of snow by now. I hibernate in weather like this. I have a feeling a LOT of knitting will get done in the next few days if it stays like this.