Thursday, January 06, 2005


I have to admit I am frustrated that I cannot figure out how to get my blog read. I look at all the knitting blogs and they all link to a million other knitting blogs and I can't figure out how to get one person here. Grrr.... Anyhow, I taught my son's girlfriend to knit last night. I gave her yarn and needles and got her started on a simple garter stitch scarf. She said, "wow, I could sit here and do this with you every night!". I think I've created a monster! It's nice that she's interested. Between giving her and my daughter needles, I'm going to have to get re-stocked. Yet another reason to visit the yarn store and get sucked into buying even MORE yarn that I don't have time to use! I wish I could take a week off work to knit. Everyone wonders why I like to do Open Houses... it's because I have two solid hours to knit if no one shows up!!!