Monday, January 10, 2005

Phildar Sweater

Well I finished one "recreated" sleeve of the baby's sweater. It looks really short to me although I made it the length indicated on the pattern. As compared to the body of the sweater, it looks way too short. I will never knit a phildar pattern again although I just love their designs for kids. I guess once I learn to be a little more resourceful and creative I can make them what I want them to be. Until then, I'm stuck following poor directions. I wonder if the problems with those patterns happen when they translate them from French to English. My guess is that is where the glitches begin. I should brush up on my Francais. ha ha.
I miss sock knitting. But I know if I start a pair, I'll put the sweater down and I can't do that!!
That kid is bigger at the end of the day than he was at the beginning! They really do grow like weeds! Gotta get it done!!!