Saturday, January 22, 2005

Getting "Socked"

Excuse the pun... but we really are getting "socked" with snow. So it's a great day to knit. I finished the first Irish sock this morning and I'm almost done with Charlotte's first sock. So I MUST concentrate on the baby's sweater now. I know I should do some cleaning but, hey, what a great day to knit! We are supposed to get 10 to 13 inches. No photos today because I left the cord to my digital camera at the office so they will have to wait until Monday. Here's a head scratcher for you... if the people next door take the time to get out an industrial strength snow blower, fill it up with gasoline, and bring it out to do 20 feet of snow blowing in front of their property, wouldn't it just make sense to keep on going down to the end of the block so your neighbors don't have to do back breaking shoveling? Just a thought. If I had one, that's what I would do. I don't know..maybe it's just me. Heck, I usually SHOVEL the neighbors walk once I get going!