Saturday, January 08, 2005

No Hat Photo

Well, Cate has gone back to school and it's too late now to get a photo of her wearing the cap. Shame because it looked so much better on than off. I brought the Autumn Leaf afghan to work with me this morning (not a paid day!!!) and I can't stop reading blogs long enough to work on it.
Speaking of blogs, I am amazed at the number of knitters out there who hate George Bush. Aren't there any knitting Republicans out there??? I'm not real political but I certainly lean toward the republican way of life. (much to my mother's dismay) But, on the flip side, my firstborn is about as liberal as they come so it all balances out.
My frustration level with this blog is on the rise to the point that I'm thinking of scrapping the whole thing. I can't figure out how to join the webrings. They give me some programming gibberish to add to my site and I can't figure out how to do it. I also (inspite of hours spent) cannot figure out how to add things to my sidebar, like links, photots, etc. Does every blogger out there know computer programming? I highly doubt it. I'm usually half way decent with the computer but I sure can't figure this out.
To get back to knitting, I made a cute little miniature cap pin last night in the Pittsburgh Steelers colors for Cate to wear at school. Go Steelers!!! Could this possibly be a Steelers Superbowl year??? This pattern can be found free at I'll have to make another one and take a photo because the one I made last night is on it's way to Slippery Rock U. Why don't I think about these things before it's too late???