Sunday, January 30, 2005

Sunday Knitting

Today I will work on the Irish Hiking Scarf at my Open House from 1:00pm to 3:00pm. I should be able to get some inches accomplished in that amount of time. My mother is home from the hospital so hopefully there won't be any more hospital knitting for a while. I had a good visit with my kids, in from Delaware and Slippery Rock, PA. I'd like to have had a few more days with them but life goes on. Tonight I will not go to bed until I finish the front of the baby's sweater. I have to have it ready for our monthly "knitter's night" at the LYS. I'm sure I'll need help with the neck as I'm not so great following directions like that yet. That's what you get when you've spent your life knitting in a straight line! I am committed to improving my skills this year. I will try new things if I can tear myself away from socks long enough. My dream is to be able to knit the really complicated ARAN designs with the graphs. At this point they just confuse the heck out of me. If the directions are written out, I'm fine. If I have to look at a graph, I have problems. I will persevere and overcome!