Monday, August 15, 2005

Irish Appreciation Day

Well I know from the sound of it you would figure it has some ethnic meaning, however, we just had a little fun day appreciating the dog.... whose name is Irish. My daughter said, "Mom, Irish is 9 years old and we never even celebrated her birthday once." This is true. So, we devoted a day to spoiling the dog a few Sundays ago. And since there is no knitting news to speak of, I'm subjecting you to this. She got new toys, doggie ice cream, and a trip to the park. The whole thing was so ridiculous that I didn't even have any trouble getting grown kids, spouses, and significant others to appear. I think they came just to find out if I was nuts enough to actually do it. But they got a great brunch out of it afterwards.

I said there was no knitting news, but actually there is. I screwed up Clapotis II big time over the weekend. It's funny. I never had one minutes problem with it the first time around but over the weekend I found myself one stitch off on a row. Do you think I could find the problem? No. So, I did what any novice knitter would do. Whatever I felt like doing at the time. And what happened when I dropped the next stitch? Well, it ran down the piece alright. And the whole thing started to unravel at the edge. Obviously it was not a stitch that was supposed to be dropped. So, I stopped the bleeding at the bottom with a slip stitch to hold the thing together and I think from here on in it will be okay. I dropped the next stitch and it was successful. So, now I think that I will keep this one too because it is "flawed". I can wear it but I wouldn't want to give it as a gift.

And in case you were wondering, our van has not been found which really bites. I keep expecting to wake up and find it sitting outside the house, returned by a remorseful individual who saw the error of his ways and wanted to repent and beg forgiveness. Yeah. Right.

Anyhow...this is what it looks like. You have to wonder what the attraction was.


luvs2knit said...

I'm so sorry that the car hasn't turned up yet. Whomever did it probably did a nice joy ride with it.