Monday, August 01, 2005

Weekend Knitting

I knit for about 5 hours on Clapotis II yesterday. A few more rows and I'll drop the first stitch. The colors are nice and should go with about anything solid. And speaking of Clapotis.... I have been in search of a beige Sheath dress to go with my green one for months now and I came across one on ebay about a week ago. It was my size, new, AKA Eddie Bauer, so I ordered it. It came on Saturday and I can't believe my good luck. It fits like a dream, looks like a dream, and it's exactly what I wanted. And are you ready for this???? It was $17.99!!!! It will be perfect for some functions that I have coming up in the near future. Things like that usually don't happen to me.

I was evaluating my yarn stash over the weekend. It's out of control. So, I am vowing NOT to buy any more yarn (except the Irish yarn for Rogue) until after I use up at least half of this stash. It's taking over my spare room AND my living room. There should be some sort of an organization to help people with this addiction.

Hi. My name is Holly and I'm addicted to yarn.