Friday, February 24, 2006

Branching Out - 15, Holly - 0

What did I say about not giving up??? Hmmn. I think I'm giving up. Lace. I SO want to knit lace! Why is it so difficult? I don't understand why I can do all the aran stuff and not lace.

In NYC news, it's supposed to be one of the coldest weekends so far... I believe they called it "arctic weather". Of course. Why not?

And after all the thought and deliberation on what to knit on the train, I decided on baby socks. I'm de-stashing and I'm going to knit as many little baby socks as I can. They go SO quickly. I'm having my own little train knitting olympics. I think I can get two pairs done. We will see.

Happy Weekend Knitting Everyone!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh, do keep trying! Lace is fun once it "clicks," but that can take time. Don't give up on it!

Yvonne said...

Holly, bring your branching out to punxy...we'll get tangled up in the yarn together. LOL

Anonymous said...

i heard a rumor that pittsburgh knit and bead is going to be offering a lace knitting class soon using this branching out pattern. you should let them know if you're interested!

luvs2knit said...

Holly...where is a pattern for little feet socks? You can do lace. As Yvonne said "bring up to Punxy" and we'll cheer you on.