Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Knitting Fever

It's all about Kepler right now. This is the second sleeve. I got home from work last night at 5:15pm and started knitting at 6:00pm. I quit at 11:30pm. Can that be good? If my kids played video games that long I'd be worried about them. Heck, I'm worried about ME! And tonight is knitting night so it's more of the same... only with people... so surely that's better. Right? Mix in a little socializing. Yeah. That's good. As for Kepler, I'm enjoying the yarn that Shelly made. There is something special about knitting with yarn that someone you know actually hand spun and dyed especially for you. You can find Shelly's yarns here:

Rose Garden Fibers

And speaking of spinning.... remember this? I took a half hour break on Kepler last night and got out the drop spindle and roving that Natasha sent me. (Pittsburgh Secret Pal exchange) Once again I sat with the book and tried to get the hang of it to no avail. So tonight I'm hoping that Shelly will show me some technique that I can use to at least get started so I can practice. I really don't see myself as getting too addicted to this particular craft (because, God forbid, it would take time away from my knitting and we can't have that) but I would like to be able to do it. I love playing with the fiber. I'm in total awe of Natasha's yarns. She is such an artist. Her color combinations knock my socks off.

Check. It. Out.

luxe's Etsy Shop - luxe.(handmade, hand dyed, homespun)


luvs2knit said...

Holly, Spinning is quite annoying at the beginning. I was very frustrated and thought it was stupid. However, I went to a guild meeting and the program was spinning. Finally, the light went off!!

You'll get it, believe me!!!

BTW, I love the color of the roving.

Yvonne said...

Maybe we can start a not-so-good-at-spinnig support group, Holly. Although my DH has asked me to not spin. :-(
(Actually, I know for a fact that NORA can be bribed with Sushi for private spinning lessons...heehee)

Donna said...

Knit knit knit. I agree I would never let my kids play games that long, but hey with knitting you at least have something to show for all that time.