Monday, February 06, 2006

Finally.... One for the thumb!!

YAY Steelers!!! You've made my family very happy. Happy husband, happy kids. Life is good.

I finished an entire sleeve of Kepler during the game. As it turned out, we stayed home so the dilemma of whether to knit or not knit was not an issue. There are some minor issues with the Kepler pattern and I found the KAL posts and comments very helpful to get past the little glitches. It's one of those things where you think you know what she meant, but it's not written that way and then you have your doubts. I ended up not picking up the stitches on the band very evenly but I think I can fix it in the seaming. Tomorrow night is knitting guild so I think I can make some serious headway on sleeve # 2 then. I might just get this finished in time for the baby shower.

Winter is back in Central PA. I'm not a fan. This will slow business back down when it had just started to pick up. But, I do still have my high maintenance clients from Wilmington, DE on my tail everyday telling me that for all the commission they won't be paying me I better get off my butt and find them something NOW! This would be my daughter and son-in-law who have decided to move back home. Those two are going to keep me hoppin!


Heather said...

Happy State! LOL

Wow on the whole sleeve! You made some good knitting progress!

Hopefully your snow will disappear quick. Ours seems to have... there's already a bunch of bare spaces and this morning we were back in winter wonderland.