Monday, February 27, 2006

Technical Difficulties

I swear the entire world is trying to frustrate me today. Not only is my digital camera broken, but blogger and photobucket are not cooperating either. I had to get my digital photos from a friend's computer because I have no power in my camera. It just stopped working. It was fine one minute and the dead the next. And, no, it isn't the batteries. I tried that. Anyhow I took a bunch of photos at Purl on Sullivan Street in NYC. Honestly it's a tiny hole in the wall. I was so shocked. It opened at noon and I got there around 12:15 and it was packed. I never did get any photos inside. There were two young girls working and one was assisting a customer with a pattern and the other one was at the cash register. I didn't get any warm fuzzy feeling in there. The yarns are arranged in bins without any signage of any sort. The space is so small that most of the yarn is up high, out of reach and you have no idea what it is, because there are no signs of any sort telling you what it is. You don't know brand, you don't know weight, you don't know anything. The koigu sock yarn selections was less than stellar. They had lots of solids but not too many multi-colored colorways. I don't know why I bought what I did. I think I couldn't find what I liked so I just felt I had to buy something. More to come later... as the computer allows. I tried to upload more photos but it wouldn't let me.


Yvonne said...

I'm so stunned!!

See, you should have taken the yarn bus. I talked to Elise (from FF) again today. I love that store...I've never been there and I love that store.

Charisse said...

I have been there, And I felt the same exact way, I was impressed at all. and I felt like I had to buy something. Thats so funny. And yvonne is right about flying fingers, Im am heading there this weekend I cant wait, i used to live in that store before I moved to Long Island, It's worth the trip to Irvington.

natasha said...

last time i was in new york and passed by and also by the other one...string, but i didn't knit then. what? noooo! one of them is really near moby, the singer's tea restaurant called teany that is so cute and has a high tea cart. oooooh la la!

i ordered sock yarn, so i will be getting and dyeing it soon. it is a bit heavier than fingering, so not too thin or thick.